Sports Odds at OKBET App

Okbet set sports betting odds to show the likely outcome of a game or event. They also determine how much profit a player can make at that sportsbook when betting on an event. They’re frequently influenced by Vegas odds, particularly in football. Also, sports betting lines are common in your favorite leagues like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. But just as many fans bet on soccer, rugby, mixed martial arts, and more.

These are the Sports Odds at OKBET App:

*Fractional Odds
*Decimal Odds
*Moneyline (American Odds)

The payouts are equal, and these are just alternative ways of presenting the same data. It means that we must convert and report the chances (or percentage probability) of an event occurring using any of the forms of odds mentioned.

National Football League NFL Okbet Odds

NFL Odds

The point spread and OVER/UNDER aren’t the only ways to bet on the NFL. The NFL Moneyline, futures (NFL postseason), first-half and second-half betting lines, and football spreads are just ways to wager on NFL football.

NFL Point Spreads Odds

In sports, a point spread is a method for oddsmakers to balance a match between two unbalanced teams by awarding or deducting points to each Team. A common misconception is that bookmakers set the pro football spread as a predicted margin of victory, often known as NFL football lines and betting “sides.” It’s the figure that oddsmakers believe will strike a good balance between bettors who want to bet on the underdog and bettors who want to bet on the favorite.


A total or OVER/UNDER Odds is a number determined by sportsbooks. It is to represent the total number of points scored by both sides. Then bettors have to determine whether the total will be higher or lower than the NFL “total.” In many football games, NFL totals betting had grown rather popular. It also gains popularity if the matchup indicates a specific game style. Rain, wind, and freezing temperatures can influence the total, making spread betting less reliable.

NFL Moneyline Odds

NFL Moneyline is a bet by picking one of two teams to win the game. There’s no catch, no angle, right or wrong response. For a Moneyline betting option, each team/person in a matchup has given numerical value for bettors to wager so-called “odds.” Oddsmakers and sportsbooks calculate the numbers or odds. It had based on how the two opponents matched up. Also, each number has indicated by a minus sign (-) or a plus sign (+) in front of it.

NFL Prop Bet Odds

NFL Prop bet is a wager made on the probability of certain events occurring or not occurring during a sporting event. These situations may not affect the game’s outcome or even the final score, unlike point spreads, totals, or straight-up wagers. Props are referred to as novelty bets because they can have used to wager on an individual player or team achievements. These milestones include the number of catches a wide receiver will have in the NFL. Also, the number of the total goals scored in hockey. The number of strikes a pitcher will throw in Major League Baseball and the number of rebounds a center will get (basketball).

NFL Future Odds

NFL futures are for online football betting fans who want to gamble on NFL events months in advance. Every NFL season, individual and team accomplishments have been highlighted in the NFL future odds. You can place a bet on a pro football game scheduled for later in the year. Betting on which squad will win the Super Bowl, the NFC and AFC Championships. And who will have awarded the most valuable player is the most popular NFL futures bet. However, NFL future bets may be profitable, and predicting winners so early in the season is always entertaining. Also, be aware that placing a big bet on an NFL futures bet will lock up your money for a long time.

College Football NCAAF Okbet Odds

In college football Odds, Moneylines are popular with underdog bettors. While futures (odds to win the BCS national championship) and betting the halves have added more variety and profit potential for bettors. When you add in fantasy-style prop bets and live NCAA betting, it’s clear that understanding how college football odds work is more important.

NCAA Football Spreads Odds

In Spreads Odds, there’s a saying in football betting that “you win it on Saturday and give it back on Sunday.” It suggests that beating the Saturday NCAA football point spread is easy. While the NFL spread on Sundays is far more challenging. Also, NCAA point spreads, also known as the line or spread. It is many bettors’ favorite way to wager on football each fall. If bettors believe Alabama is two touchdowns better than Auburn, they can make a 14-point bet on the Crimson Tide. In college football point spreads, the underdog is represented by a positive value (+14). While the favorite had represented by a negative value (-14). And then favorite will need to win by 15 points or more to cover the spread. Also, the underdog team can lose by up to 13 points and still cover the Spread.

Moneyline Odds

Baseball and hockey bettors frequently use the Moneyline. It has also grown in popularity in college football in recent years. The handicappers have grown wiser and more confident in upsets. Because there is no spread to consider, your college football team must easily win the game. A negative value implies a favorite (-150), while a positive value indicates an underdog (+130).

Total or Over/Under Odds

College football OVER/UNDER betting is another term for it. These are bets on the total number of points have scored by both sides. If the total is 60.5, you must win an UNDER bet with 60 points or less and an OVER Bet with 61 points or more. NCAA football totals are not available for every game and are often released later in the week than NFL totals. Keep an eye on the NCAA football odds menu to see which bookies are the first to offer these NCAA football betting lines.

Futures Odds

It is a popular means of betting on future events like who will come out on top of the AFC East title, the Super Bowl, or the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Also, it’s not just football that offers futures wagers. You’ll find lines on the NBA Finals champion, the World Series champion, and the Stanley Cup champion before the seasons get underway.

Major League Baseball MLB Okbet Odds

Baseball odds have given as a three-digit money line. Every money line has based on $100. The negative (-) symbol next to the starting pitcher on the electronic betting display and wagering sheets indicates the favorite. The plus (+) symbol represents the underdog.

MLB Moneyline Odds

The point spread had substituted by the Moneyline. MLB games are low-scoring games. It is a simple way to get started in MLB baseball betting lines. Since the Moneyline is a fun and easy wager, betting on the side you believe will win the game, not by a set number of runs. In MLB baseball lines, a negative figure, such as -190, indicates the favorite. Positive numbers like +170 represent MLB underdogs. It is simpler to understand how it works if you imagine the number 100 standing between these two numbers.

MLB Runline Odds

The Runline odds are similar to puck lines in hockey betting. It serves as a hybrid within Major League Baseball’s lines between the Moneyline and point spread. If you want to win on a Runline bet, the team needs to win by two or more runs to get the winnings. MLB spreads represent the same way that they are in the majority of other popular sports when betting on today’s baseball games. -1.5 is the negative value, and +1.5 is the positive number. On the other hand, the underdog team can lose by one run and still cover the Runline spread. You may see -105 or +130 MLB baseball odds connected to the Runline. It is the Moneyline part that indicates how much you need to risk and how much you will profit in the game.


Total odds are also known as OVER/UNDER betting odds. It is a baseball wagering that involves deciding the total number of runs scored. Both teams have combined will be more or less than a certain number set by oddsmakers. An MLB total is a specific number. Baseball totals often range from 6.5 to 11.5 or 12. If you see 9.5 and decide to bet OVER, you need to predict ten or more runs. You need nine or fewer runs to have plated if you wager Under odds.

MLB Futures Odds

It allows baseball fans to place bets on Major league baseball games months before the MLB schedule. A futures gamble on the MLB season focuses on individual and team successes. Baseball gamblers, for example, may place bets on the AL and NL pennants, divisional winners, conference winners, MVP, Cy Young, and, of course, the World Series winner. However, successful futures wagers are all about timing. The earlier you strike on the action, the better the payouts will be if you win the bet. It is similar to betting MLB live odds. You have to secure the best possible odds on a futures bet.

National Hockey League NHL Okbet Odds

Online sportsbooks that give the best National Hockey League odds and NHL betting lines are NHL odds. These online sportsbooks have the best money line odds. In addition, there is a competitive line on NHL spreads and totals for all NHL games.

NHL Moneyline Odds

The most common way to gamble on your favorite hockey team is through NHL Moneyline Odds. Because the scores are so low, it has taken the place of a point spread. The game must be won by your team, not by a specific quantity of goals. Favorites (-180) and underdogs (+160) are assigned negative and positive values in NHL odds. Consider 100 to be in the midpoint of these two values.

NHL Puckline Odds (Canadian Line)

A puck line in NHL betting combines the Moneyline with a point spread. It signifies that a team must win by two or more goals to win the wager, similar to a run line in baseball. Negative figures, such as -1.5, imply that the team is 1.5 goals ahead. Positive signs such as +1.5 indicate that the club is a 1.5-goal underdog. If you bet on the puck line, you must win by at least two goals to cover the puck line spread. Even if the dog loses by one goal, he can still cover the puck line. A team may lose 3-2 yet still win on the puck line if the difference is +1.5 goals.

NHL Totals or Over/Under Odds

NHL Total or OVER/UNDER odds is a number set by oddsmakers (usually 5 or 5.5 in hockey). The bettors must decide the total number of goals scored in the game. And both teams combined will be higher or lower. So when you see 5.5, you are hoping for six or more goals if you Bet Over and hoping for five or less if you Bet in Under.

How do Okbet Odds work in Tennis

Tennis is a unique sport in that each match had untimed, and points are not total together. Match betting is the simplest type of tennis betting to understand. You choose who you believe will win a match and make a wager. Also, you decide how much money to risk, known as the “stake,” and the bookmaker gives the odds on your chosen outcome.

Match Betting

Match betting is if a person bets on who they think will win a match. In the case of a match bet, the favored player will have a negative sign. The underdog has indicated with a positive sign. Because of the risk involved in selecting an inferior opponent, the underdog will pay out more than even money.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is when a sportsbook creates a hypothetical number of games that the favorite tennis player should win by. When a tennis match is lopsided, spread or handicap betting is a more profitable option to match betting.

Outright Betting

It is a wager on a single player to win the entire tournament rather than a specific game. Tennis had played in a tournament style. Therefore, straightforward betting is valid. Outright bets have been advised by a newbie in tennis sports betting since they are easy and provide the bettor with someone to bet.

Over/Under Betting

An over/under bet predicts the total number of sets have played in a given match. Sportsbooks will generate a certain number based on how long they estimate the game will continue. One can gamble on whether there will be more or fewer sets than the imagined number. For both the over and under amounts, money line odds have produced.

Exact Score Betting

Exact score betting allows a player to wager on the number of games a player will win in a set or match. The Exact score betting had intended for persons who are aware of the players and are looking for a challenging bet. Because exact scores are hard to predict, winning this bet can bring Big monetary returns.

How does Volleyball Okbet Odds work

Volleyball betting has become one of the most popular ways for many fans to spend their free time. Many individuals use this type of entertainment that may also provide them with a profit. If you just start betting on sports, you should get familiar with terminologies like odds and probability. And they work because they are the initial steps towards placing profitable bets.

Decimal Odds

The decimal format represents the possible return following a successful wager, including your deposit. In short, this is the simplest way to evaluate the betting lines given by various sites. To calculate the return, use the formula odds x stake = return. It includes your original bet. In other words, if the odds for the volleyball event you want to bet on are 2.1 and you stake £100, a winning bet will pay you £210.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds had expressed using fractions such as 12, 23. The primary distinction between fractional and decimal odds is that both will reflect your profit. It includes your first wager. Fractional odds represent the amount you may win based on the amount of your bet in volleyball. Also, if the volleyball event you’ve chosen to bet on has 2/1 odds, you’ll get back two units for every one you bet.

American Odds

American odds, also known as money lines, are another term for expressing odds. They had now represented as positive and negative numbers. The positive signs include your possible profit after wagering £100. The negative ones will show you how much money you need to bet to make £100 profit. It is good to recognize that you should never wager the same amount as the money line. Use the (100/odds) x stake computation if the money line is negative. If the money line is in your favor, the formula will be (your stake/100) x odds.

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